Airplane Section: Tail Unit

Tail section DONESKI :)

Feels like some thing got accomplished this week.- Completed the rigging of elevator and rudder cables Installed the rudder deflection stops – Learnt how to use the amazing nico press tool for rigging cables ..and more.. Next is to focus on front of the plane..

Tail section almost done :)

Sharing few more steps of progress with Tail section of my Zenith Cruzer. Rudder fitting tested (on clecos now) Elevator cables attached (what a bitch it is – to get into “hell hole” again to connect the cables) Next steps – – Start with Rudder cables – Start with Corvair […]

Elevator section – DONEski

After a couple of days of thoughtful assembly practices, I was able to complete the Elevator section in full and sync it up with the Horizontal Stabilizer. I cannot fathom the fact that it would be nearly impossible to complete any Kit plane built with out the right tools. Few tools […]