Airplane Section: Finishing

How about Painting my TukTuk

I started experimenting with marine grade painting and it seems the outcomes are good enough for me. Once paint is dry – I was even able to add some decals too 🙂 Adding few finishing touches to my “Tuk Tuk Toucan” .. fuselage painting followed by side panel artwork and […]

More finishing items …

After getting registration papers from FAA last month, we started working on finishing most of the big and little stuff for my TukTuk Toucan Cruzer … Finished clean setup and locking all the wiring properly both FWF and Inside as well Installed OAT as needed for my GRT EFIS Ordered […]

Wing Strut – Assembly to Fuselage

After a couple of weeks of break time with family trips – we are back to building Left wing strut done with help of my mini-helpers (two teenagers). – honestly it’s more time answering their questions than actual work but it was real fun and exciting to see youth showing […]

Wing mounting updates…

Another quick and short progress update on wing mounting for my zenith cruzer A bit more work done today on wings alignment for my zenith cruzer. – the angle of incidence was set to be under 3 deg per specs – the “magic rope” method was used for wings setup […]

Wings, Wings and Wings galore …

After successful run of my Corvair engine for a quick run (less than 3 min), I started with WIngs installation. So far was able to setup the wings in position and need additional alignment and fine tuning as recommended by fellow zenith builders. Hopeful to wrap this up in next […]