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PM-VO & Oil separator – update

Super stoked to see the oil separator and B&C PM/OV kit arriving in mail today. Installed the Oil separator pending hoses to be connected. When it comes to B&C PM/OV kit, I was kind of caught off-guard. I have no illusion about my skills when it comes to electrical work. […]

Trip to Corvair College # 41 to learn and run the engine

When the unexpected happens, the fun begins.

Supported by some luck, I was able to acquire a Corvair 2850 CC / 110 HP engine that has 14 hrs on it. Its time to learn more about this engine by attending the upcoming Corvair College # 41 @ Barnwell, SC and have it run on test bed if possible.

Teamed up with Mr Greg Stoner, onwards to go to Barnwell. Amazing trip, great company and some fantastic learnings at this college.

Gained much needed understanding and confidence on how to setup the timing for the engine and arrange the distributor settings. Thanks to all the SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) @ Corvair movement that helped me in this endeavor.

Looking forward for next college @ Barnwell to continue with my student journey in the field of Corvair’s.

See below a quick Video of the Engine Run on Test stand… Sounds great.