Braided fuel lines and Brake lines installed


Here is the update for last few days of work in my cruzer.After working on my corvair engine electrical setup for a while, I wanted to take a break while I wait for some parts to arrive.

In the interim, worked on connecting the following:

  • Matco parking brake valve, and connected the braided break lines to it that go to master cylinders near the pedals.
  • Also installed the Newton fuel valve on center console and ran the braided fuel lines to it through the side channels.

One word of advise to other cruzer builders… don’t do the mistake I did which is to rivet the center console side supports and completed the center stuck assembly.

Please Complete the running of fuel and brake lines prior to finalizing the central stick if you plan on running the fuel lines at that location. It’s simply painful to do it after the fact ..but some how I did it .,,just saying, ??