Corvair engine installed and Plane is on 3 wheels :)

So the day was great so far and was able to install my Corvair on the mount … All in all, the plane is now on its wheels officially and next steps include 

  • To add as many components to engine as I can such as baffle kit, plug cables etc etc …
  • Install nose bowl etc (as soon as all needed parts arrive)
  • Start with Horizontal tail (elevator) and Vertical tail (rudder) .. and so on and on 

Glad to say 80% project done and only 80% more to go .. ???My fellow apprentice (aka my junior) was a great help in this endeavor so he gets to have bragging rights to be the first one to sit in the zenith as soon as it is on 3 wheels (till now, the tail was holding the nose wheel up and as soon as Corvair is installed – it started looking like a plane ?