Landing gear, Matco wheels and Nose wheel setup… going on…

I believe a milestone was achieved today in my Zenith build.

I was able to complete the following so far 
– Main landing gear attached to airframe
– Nose wheel landing gear weldment attached to fire wall
– 3 Matco 6” dia wheels (2 half rims) were finally assembled (had a hallelujah moment with 2 of them ? )
– Tundra wheels for nose and main landing gear were assembled with brakes etc…
– Steel bungee installed but needs some fine tuning 

I must say – Many many thanks to Roger Dubbert from Zenith and Gary Motley (fellow zenith cruzer owner) for helping me go through the ups and downs so far..

Looking forward for next steps — but first need some body massage and Advil for body pains (damn tyres – it was hard to stop the air leaks from those split rims … )