Excited to learn about Corvair engine – On my way now to Corvair College CC#39

It’s surreal to see that plane is progressing from ideation to execution – slow but definitely moving ahead.

One important component for an experimental LSA is for Builder to be aware of his engine and it’s inner workings and the best part of it is if that engine is an Auto-Conversion engine.

In this realm, after due research and deliberations, I have chosen Corvair engine – supported by local EAA and none other than William Wynne of FlyCorvair group – the Corvair Authority.

Luck as it may, I came to know of Corvair College held by William Wynne to all Auto Conversion enthusiasts to learn about Corvair Engines, Build them, Test them and most important of all – get hands on education about the life line component of your aircraft.

This definitely speaks about the passion and commitment of FlyCorvair group (WW and Dan @ SPA) to help the novice builders in experimental aviation segment.

Here you go barnwell – I am on my way 🙂

May the learnings begin and I end up educated in Corvair engines…